About Us

We the Chishty Traders stepped in the market in the year 1995 with particular focus to provide evocative relations under one roof to the Engineers, Scientists and Educationists alike. It is fundamentally a trading company which represents high quality state of art produce around the globe with Its head office in historical city of Lahore, It has their branch office in metropolitan city of Karachi and have their liaison offices in major cities of Republic of Pakistan having more than 50 talented people demonstrating command in their respective area of specialties known as well-versed professionals as a team striving hard for customer excellence and infrastructure development.

The company attitude is to maintain the highest possible standards while fulfilling customer’s equipment needs. The company hence stresses of its team the highest levels of integrity, performance, quality and continuously seeks to improve its position as one among best companies of its own kind in the country.

It is our belief that all our efforts and achievements are subject to the will of Almighty Allah!


Actively participating in the economic, social and educational development of Pakistan. We will continue to operate through our national presence and global partners while enhancing the stakeholder’s interests. Our concern mainly be in the area of Research, Education, Health, Environmental Engineering and Energy. We will extend our presence at the regional Level.